Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 2010: Name That Pervert!

'Ello Mates,

On my other blog I have shared with you the fantastic site, "Name of the Year." They pit the best (read: craziest) names -all verified as real- against each other each year in an NCAA-style bracket.  Check it out here.

As you would correctly assume, many of the names they collect are very, very dirty.  I've collected my 10 favorite dirty names from the site to share with you, and invite you to add any names of people you actually know.

For example, I work with a fellow named "Dick Burns."  True story.

Here, in no particular order, are the 10-perviest names in existence:

1. Dr. Speedy Nutz

2. Pamela Balls Organista

3. Charity Beaver

4. Doby Crotchtangle

5. Princess Nocandy

6. Gordon Cobbledick

7. Fuk King Kwok

8. Gay Straite

9. Gay Horney

10. Chinny Offor

And one special shout-out to one of my all-time favorites (and winner of
the 2004 NOTY competition):

Jew Don Boney Jr.

Merry Christmas, all!  May your stockings get stuffed and your milk be drank!

Caleb "yeah, I said that." Shreves


  1. I don't think I could put my health in the hands of a Dr called Speedy Nutz!

  2. In and out of the office in 10 minutes or your next checkup free!

    And yes, this is a real guy. A dentist. And supposedly he has a brother, Fuzzy. Not making this up. I found the website for her daughter, who is herself a professional dentist!


  3. Local buffet has a giant sign outside that says:

    "Cherry Buffet"

    I know, right?

  4. Gay Horney Sounds like one hellofa guy!

  5. the former mayor of my hometown was named Dick Funk...and the man announced his name as loudly as possible every time he called or came in to my old restaurant.

    Sadly, I am not making this up.

  6. Two more names:

    Dick Sprinkles
    Pamela Quackenbush

    Thanks Turtle!

    PS I don't know which of those names I like more.

  7. I hear that Mr. and Mrs. Carte have called their firstborn son Orson.

  8. "Fuk King Kwok"? Wow! :D :D :D :D
    What about Dick Hyman? :P